We all know basic vehicle maintenance is imperative to the life and longevity of every vehicle on the road. We at Willands also know having a reliable vehicle is on the forefront of everyone's mind. That is why, with every service, we perform a multi-point inspection to ensure your car is in safe, working order. We take the utmost pride in making sure you have the piece of mind you deserve after leaving our shop. Our technicians are certified to perform the diagnostics, repair, and maintenance on all makes and models. So now matter what you drive, we have you covered!

      Routine Maintenance

- 30k, 60k, 90k services

- Oil and Filter Changes

- Uber and Used Vehicle Inspections

- Cabin & Engine Air Filters

- Transmission Services

- 4x4 Services

- Fluid Flushes

- Alignments

      Brake Services

- Disc Brakes

- Drum Brakes

- Calipers

- Master Cylinders

- Brake Lines & Hoses

- E-brake Adjustments

      Heating/Cooling System

- Radiator Flush

- Water Pump

- Recharging A/C

- Belts and Hoses

- Retro Fitting

      Steering & Suspension

- Ball Joints

- Shocks and Struts

- Control Arms

- Tie Rod Ends

- Steering Rack & Pinion

- Power Steering Pumps

- 4 Wheel Alignment