With technicians that are very versed in electrical repair and diagnostics and the newest in diagnostic technologies, we are better able to pinpoint hard to find repairs quicker and more efficiently than other shops. Electrical can be very tricky and the faster the issue can be traced to a specific area, the faster we can repair the issue, which in turn saves your pocket book!


The right tool is a mechanics best friend and can make any repair more efficient. That is why we at Willands take pride in having the newest and most up to date equipment on the market. Snap-on® Intelligent Diagnostics software, ZEUS, provides all the functions and repair tips we need to diagnose, repair and manage any issue. 


The last thing you want is something to go wrong with the engine or transmission in your car. They are the heart and soul of your vehicle and can lead to the costliest of repairs. It can seem like a lot when something happens with either of them. That's why, at Willands, we strive to provide the best, most cost effective options for any unexpected large repair. We provide financing to find the easiest way for you to get the repairs you need done. No matter what happens, we will figure out how we can help and make sure you know what to do to prevent it from happening in the future.


The brakes, suspension, and steering systems are all major safety components of any vehicle. If something is going wrong with one of them it can drastically affect the performance and safety of the vehicle. Regardless of the issues, we are properly set-up to figure out what is wrong and get you back on the road with the peace of mind you deserve!